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Welcome to IRA Express, a third-party administrator for truly self-directed retirement accounts. We provide accounting, recordkeeping, and administration services for individuals who want to self-direct their retirement portfolios.

Over the years many people have been conditioned to think that they have little control or choice over the investment vehicle for their retirement assets. With IRA Express those days are over.

We believe in the principle that individuals not only have the right, but the responsibility to personally direct the investment decisions of their retirement portfolios. Through providing our clients with the ability to self-direct their investments we make it possible for an individual to diversify their retirement portfolio into any permissible investment as clarified by the Internal Revenue Service.

The current financial markets can be very turbulent. Many future retirees have watched their retirement assets diminish due to declining financial markets. Consequently, they are shifting their retirement assets into more tangible “non-traditional” investments such as real estate and other real estate related investments such as notes secured by a deed of trust. These are perfectly acceptable investments for any self-directed IRA plan and may be acquired with the help of IRA Express

Please feel free to expand your horizons, diversify your retirement assets, and discover what a truly self-directed retirement account with IRA Express can offer you.

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