Account Fees

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Administrative Fees Charged By IRA Express

Annual Fee Options

IRA Express strives to maintain a competitive fee schedule. As such, two different general annual fee options are available:

Fee Option 1:  Our most popular fee option, you would pay $295 annually per asset or liabilitity owned in your account. For example, an account that owns 1 asset will pay $295 per year. If the account owns 3 assets the annual fee will be $885 for the year.

Fee Option 2:  A tiered value based fee structure that starts with a minimum annual fee of $195 and incrementally increases to the maximum annual fee of $1,975 paid for the year. The fee structure is broken down as follows:

Fees under Option 2: Based on Total Account Value are charged on an incremental basis.

For example, if your account value is $350,000 your annual fee will be $1,555 = ($195 + $390 + $450 + $420 + ($50,000*0.0020).

All Annual Record Keeping fees are paid in full at the time of account establishment or asset acquisition and then divided into four quarterly payments each following year due January 1st, April 1st, July 1st, and October 1st. Annual Record Keeping Fees are not pro-rated.

Administrative & Transaction Fees