Bananas. I like bananas. Monkeys like bananas. I think having a pet monkey would be fun. We would be best friends. I could feed it bananas, play with it, care for it when it is sick, clean up after it when it….oh wait….yuck. Maybe not so much fun after all.  That sounds like more work than fun.

If only our retirement accounts weren’t so much work. It seems like all we do is take care of our retirement accounts – we feed it money, play with it, try to care for it when it is sick, and then we end up having to clean up after it when it…well, you know. I guess if you ride a roller coaster long enough you will get sick eventually!

Here’s an idea. Instead of continually feeding the monkey, get that darn monkey off your back and let him take care of you. Let your monkey feed you a banana every once in a while. Cater to your talents. Invest your retirement in assets that you know. If you have a talent of buying and selling real estate to make a living you should be using this same skill to build wealth in your tax-advantaged retirement account. If you make your living as a lender or by buying and selling paper, why not do this using funds from your IRA or 401(k)? Hmmm….what a concept! Investing your retirement funds into assets that you actually know something about. The investment possibilities are wide open. This is easy to do. Transfer your starved IRA or 401(k) to a self directed IRA administrator like IRA Express and start letting your monkey pamper you instead of the other way around. People like bananas too!